Jasleen Royal – Singer, Song Writer & Music Composer

Before I could start journeYoung, days have been really apprehensive.  I started looking for everyone victorious from every corner and genre, for somebody victorious who makes me want to start journeYoung all the more!  And then I found them in every next world I happen to see; where I never belonged, but with journeYoung I think I now do!
I have wanted maximum viewers before I feature my first journeYoungstar, but I guess she will find her way even if I am not able to (right now).
 I decided to pick someone from the commonest world where we all live, the world of Music. So here I am featuring Jasleen Royal – Singer, Song Writer & Music Composer.
She is a petite young girl recently sung “Preet” from the movie Khoobsurat. Her journey behind Khoobsurat is so fascinating and interesting that google and wiki are overwhelmed too. She started off as the semifinalist in India’s Got Talent and does not seem to look back ever since. Her singing is sure to sway you away & make you feel like home. Her childlike voice and a bit of husk doesn’t match anybody else’s vocal essence and this makes her a complete “Youngstar” for me.
My admiration through journeYoung is a shoutout to her victorious life at such an early age. So much eager to share her voyage of success through an insightful interview on the Friday post up on journeYoung!
Khoosurat Music Launch
Khoosurat Music Launch
Hindu College
Jasleen Royal LIVE at Rendezvous’13 [21st October 2013]
Copyright © Rohit Lal Photography
You have got to read that! Stay Tuned!
Love #journeYoung

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