Jasleen’s Royalercoaster Journey!

journeYoung :   Your ultimate motivation?
Jasleen Royal : I sing what I feel for, my emotions push me to make the music,to which me and you can trip on!
JY:   When was it you felt Victorious?
JR: I guess I felt a sense of achievement when I got the MTV VMA (Video Music Awards) in the same category as Rabbi Shergill and Kailash Kher for PANCHI HOJAVAN and then working with Sneha Khanwalkar on Khoobsurat has been nothing short of a crazy ride!!
JY:  What was the scratch you started with?
JR:  Hmm it’s a little funny and stupid both and berserk!!(Laughs) It started when my parents got me and my brother an SA 21 Casio Keyboard. Every house had those back then. My brother was teaching me a rhyme he had learnt at school and forgot midway. So somehow I struggled for days until it came to me and since then everything followed. I used to play every melody I liked on TV.  Then I got myself a Guitar and a Mouth Organ. And started teaching music when I was 14 to save enough funds to get better instruments, since instruments are expensive.
JY: Your closest to heart moment/piece of art/ work memory.
JR: Closest to heart moment was Amit Trivedi announcing my name at the Video Music Awards. Honestly, I couldn’t believe my ears. I had turned crimson and it took me a while to come out of it much after I was holding the award in my hand. Most cherished victory I must say!
JY: When you feel that you are falling, what pulls you up?
JR: I m a stoic person when it comes to my troubles. I don’t really talk to anyone and do not look upon anything but myself. So I just think a lot and take alone walks. Reason stuff out, Listen to music and come out of it.
JY: When or How you found your thrust, share an incident may be?
JR: I guess the passion & love towards making Music started at a very early age, the time I used to save for instruments is the time I found my thrust and the path I had to travel.
JY: Any interesting hobby you want to share?
I love play station. Comics n my solitary walks. I am compulsive when it comes to checking Locks. Doors. Car doors. It’s because I imagine a lot, does that count as a hobby (Laughs)
JY: City you belong to?
JR: I was born in Ludhiana, Punjab. Then I did my graduation from Hindu College, Delhi. And now I travel all over for shows and work in Mumbai. So I don’t know which city I belong to…
JY: What is the big plan?
There is no plan as yet! I read poetry, compose what I feel for and put it out there. The plan is to keep doing that:)



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