Satbir Singh Waraich – Artist & Painter

To write about a Painter is like trying to count infinity. Indeed!! Anything I would write would be mere words written, read and forgotten. But everything that he says makes an artistic echo and leaves a blossoming thought you would ever experience from a non-artistic conversation. But you can surely experience that beauty with his paintings. Satbir Singh Waraich is a self-taught Painter with endless imagination and boundless inspiration.  He says – While Painting, mostly I don’t think (for what and why am I painting)…I just flow with paints on the canvas…and that flow guide me to meanings and reasons…
Satbir’s paintings were recently showcased at the DE ART EVENT UAE and are currently beautifying some coveted Art Galleries in Lado Sarai Delhi. His passion for art is sure to take him long way around the globe.
We all might not be Art Lovers, but if you try to search and meet one in your inner self, you will find some soulful power unexpectedly connecting you to the piece of Art. And that connection I found in Satbir’s paintings and hence honored to feature him on my blog page.
Life of a Painter is not so usual, and to know all about it, his Arty Interview will be up on the Friday post!
P.S. : His sharp looks differs his creative mind and easy soul. And by now I am sure you are flattered with this rare combination! Atleast I am!
Have a fabulous extended weekend!
Follow Satbir on Instagram @satbirwaraich
Love #journeYoung

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