Arty Journey of an Artist!

Satbir Singh Waraich

journeYoung : Your ultimate motivation?

Satbir : Motivation in my life doesn’t come in range, identity or great sayings (by humanity). I just try to be an empty vessel, and let anything be my motivation. May be a tea vendor, who has same spark and smile after half of his tea stall have been washed away in flood…

JY: When was it you felt Victorious?
Satbir : I wouldn’t call it Victory but I remember when I felt truly respected (in my own eyes). Once my Grandmother took my hands in hers, and after few seconds she kissed two three times and said: “Beta we are proud to have you in our life, you are different”!

JY: What was the scratch you started with?

Satbir : Few years ago I was even unaware about Charcoal Pencil, I was once limited to sketching (in notebooks last pages). It’s funny, but I still have difficulty in recognizing colors and their names. Not hailing from an art background, you may feel that you don’t have legs to run in this beautiful garden of art and creativity. But later I realized, I wasn’t legless just shackled to limited imagination….

JY: When you feel that you are falling, what pulls you up?
Satbir: Every falling has a reason, to make us rise (something we are meant for)
In my life, my parent’s belief in me makes me strong.
And big respect goes to my Paintings to whom I share my deep secrets. I talk to them.
There is something in return which I get that can’t be described, but it makes me fly with new energy.
JY: One thing funny about your work or share an experience may be?

Satbir: In most of my paintings, I leave some features unfinished, to which my mom laughs: Why don’t you complete your paintings! I say: “Mom those are the only thing I want the beholders to draw in their mind & soul (with their emotions, imaginations)”.JY: Any interesting hobby you want to share?

Satbir: I love handmade diaries (for my personal sketching journals); I like to design diary jackets. As I belong to agriculture background, I like to pick farmhouse junkyard, convert into art piece which make my mom very happy (new art effect in house, ladies love to talk about)…JY: City you belong to?

Satbir: I belong to Rudrapur in Uttarakhand.JY: What is the big plan?

Satbir: BIG and PLAN, Hmmm, I don’t know whether this is fortunate or unfortunate, but I am here in this world to serve something else than to just be BIG and PLAN alot. I hope I am able to serve in a more refined form. At the end we all love to have them.May be money, recognition are just mood swings (Laughs)

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