Style Fashion Etc!

With the exciting development of bloggers world, fashion is more seen and understandable. So todays post is a review of and about a Fashion Blogger. With more than 21,000 followers, she is all geared up to charm a lot more from her Youtuber self!
I could hardly not be fascinated how she has walked from a personal blog (hobby) to this way forward! And I have loved, inspired and felt connected to her far-flung journey of 4 years.
Her name is Shrishti Soumya, fashionably known as Srish. She started off back in summer 2010 and now she is all things: A Fashion Stylist at the Pernia’s Pop Up Shop, Fashion Blogger at Style Fashion Etc and an upcoming YouTuber. Summing to be a perfect example of trend & style essentiality !
So take a walk to her space by following her and experience a hip fashion ride! While I prep up my pen and notebook for my Sunday post about Srish’s journey until now!
Do not forget to check her fun video new on the blog – Whats in my Bag (Fashion Week Edition)
Instagram : Srish

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