All Hail to Suhail – An Aspiring Actor

Is it easy to act flawlessly in your own character? Sometimes we over play, and sometimes we aren’t even enough of ourselves. Could you act ugly when you were looking beautiful, happy when you are miserable, old when you are a young swag, act disloyal to someone when you are a soul of a lover?

So while I write this above metaphorical story, I can imagine the groundwork needed before and while being an Actor. Henceforth, I see the profession beyond its glamour imprint.
So all hail to today’s journeYoungstar Suhail!!
An Actor in the Making, and Star of Drama & Cinema as the end result. Suhail Nayyar is a graduate from Film & Television Institute of India which is known to be among the foremost Institution of Indian Cinema with national and international standing.
Suhail held 2ndRank (All India) among the 21 chosen out of 1000 entrants. Through this Institution he has shared workshops and interactions with the likes of Mr. Pankaj Kapoor, Mr. Irrfan Khan, Mr. Piyush Mishra.
Sharing experience of his journey, he says – “Performing as an Actor first teaches you to do the action and then teaches to stop “Doing” and concentrate on “Being”.
And there is a sublime connection of his undergoing with the fine lines I read:
With any part you play, there is a certain amount of yourself in it. There has to be, otherwise it’s just not acting. It’s lying. – Johnny Depp
Confirming he is on the right pathway!
I wish to post his interview right away but Hey! A Star got to keep you waiting for him!

So stay tuned until Sunday Interview!

Love #journeYoung

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