Nicolas Ouchenir – Calligrapher

Image Source : Vogue Korea,
Nicolas Ouchenir – Is a Parisian Calligrapher or out of my habit of giving a metaphoric touch I would like to call him a choreographer making the alphabets dance to his tunes, twisting and turning them to precision.
His calligraphy is not just about invitations from and to the enormous luxury world, but chopping and curving them in a way that the fully scheduled calendars are pursued and given a feel of individual invite.
His thoroughly handsome letters, logotypes, original signatures are a medium between the most superfluous of the fashion industry :  Louis VuittonHermèsChristian Dior, GucciMiu Miu, Chloé and Cartier, few among the list of his clients. So the profession that you might think obsolete has been flourishing for this man as any other white collar career as ever. 
The power of Nicolas Ouchenir’s hand-written perfection has surpassed how hundreds of type styles our software would ever work. His distinguishing profession started with succession of gallery jobs leading him to the discovery of profession not for himself but for the forthcoming generation as an inspiration for their choice of career.
Few intriguing things I found while i was digging google to make me acquainted with Nicolas Ouchenir and his profession- 
It takes 11 hours of attention a day penning invitations and letters.

He approximately creates 20,000 invitations, each handwritten, for approximately 60 clients.

Guess what is laid on the iconic Vogue’s Editor – Anna Wintour? Ofcourse his classic and ultra-modern invites calligraphy-ed by a Qualam, a traditional pen from India.

His creativity today is used for lavish private functions at Chateau de Versailles (being his first client).

The strangest invitation he has ever created? “For a Russian oligarch I had to make an invitation using only real blood for ink.
“You have to be in touch with who you are and what moves you — what makes you angry, sad or happy — in order to create work that stands out.” – Nicolas Ouchenir .
 I wish we all find that touch…
xx journeYoung
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Image Source : Garance Dore,
Image Source : Business of Fashion http://www.

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