Sidharth Behera – Mixologist and Owner at Barcierge

Slithering your throat with a nice cocktail completes your idea of lounging, partying or just sharing a wit conversation with your favourites. For the love of this idea I am sure you would be curios to explore what all it takes to stir up your fancy night outs/ins. So here I find Mr. Sidharth Behera, a chic and skillful Mixologist. When asked about his profession – A Mixologist is an individual who has expertise in the area of wines and/or spirits. Mixology like other creative fields is all about innovation but with its groundwork based on research, knowledge and skills put together for creating a wow.His newly found venture named BARCIERGE is for you to savor finer things in life and the same objective is shared with their patrons. Barcierge is so much more than cocktails, providing solutions for all things spirituous, shaken and stirred. It’s a fresh, modern, new-school way for you to cocktail, socialize, and live your life.

Barcierge –

At BARCIERGE, Mr. Sidharth Behera aims at bringing this world of beverages under a single roof in a one of a kind platform which combines different aspects of beverages and aims to provide personalized solution to all beverage related queries. Barcierge training sessions provide nothing less than the best to the aspiring professionals and equip students with the knowledge not just to prepare but to excel also.

After thorough research and rich experience, he intends to understand the need of his clients and tailored services to match their objectives, from menu planning to training the staff to revamping the space, his team of professionals brings it all served in the same platter.

So cheers to the quintessence of “Cocktailing” by Sidharth Behera at Barcierge!

Stay Tuned to Sunday post and know his journey! Till then Cocktails…Clink…Shared laughs…Anyone?

xx journeYoung


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