Meher Bajwa – Assistant Editor at Maxim India

You couldn’t be flipping infinite google pages and eventually reading a magazine would never go conventional! She makes sure your experience remain adventurous and the essence of lying and reading your favourite magazine never dies.

What a young gentleman would want to flip into on a relaxed day? To my perusal, it must be the racy pages along with lifestyle essentials that his diligent appetite would need. This feature is about the female who is effectively figuring out the best recipe to serve all things best for the best men around.

Meher Bajwa a.k.a Meher Bee is a young Assistant Editor at the Maxim India – The first Men Lifestyle Magazine to enter India.

Meher Bee
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She creatively works on the editorial plans, copywriting, monitoring and developing the perfect concepts behind the leaves of the ultimate MAXIM MAG. To add to her journey, she has worked for about 4 years as an Assistant Feature Editor at the Cosmopolitan India.

Additionally, Meher has recently started a humour blog called #5ReasonsWhy in May 2014 – It features mini comics and memes about life in the 21st century. 

The blog has over 10,000 hits in less than two months. I proclaim that she can definitely tickle your bone with just #5Reasons!

Its never too easy to distinguish what men want and having a specialist knowledge of the topic is surely fascinating! 

To read about her profession and journey so far stay tuned to Sunday post!

Have a freaky weekend ahead!


xx journeYoung


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