Robin Sharma – Author of the #1 Bestseller – The Leader Who Had No Title , Success Coach, Leadership Advisor

What gets you closer to the song in your head when you dip in self-doubts? His books are my place to go! His motivational language will gremlin your “What if I fail?” attitude.  And that is the reason I wanted to share his extravagance on my blog.

Robin Sharma was born in India and completed his LL.B at Schulich School of Law in Dalhousie University. He has worked as a judicial law clerk and a staff litigation attorney. Now he is one of the most widely read authors in the world and known to be the top success coach.

While reading to know his experience so far –  Billionaires, most celebrated CEOs and Fortune 500 companies all over the world engage Robin Sharma when they need a leadership advisor/coach to help them get to all – new levels of performance/productivity and effectiveness. 

Robin Sharma unites best live events on Earth for people who want to build epic businesses, live legendary lives and network with the most successful people in the world.
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He is devoted in the mission of helping organizations and people to help meet their highest potential and live an extraordinary life. His inspirational quotes and books are go to places for turning your fears into confidence and your Cant’s into Can’s .And I being bit by the bug of self-doubt and procrastination most of the times, have found the best therapy to come over all things that stop me from moving along the way to my goals and dreams.

His extravagant and leadership expertise is so powerful that he has knowingly been helping celebrity CEO’s and unknowingly helping everybody who are dreaming big and wanting to push the envelope.
If you think something cannot occur in your life, then there is no way you will take the action required to make that goal a reality. Your “impossibility thinking” manifests itself – The Greatness Guide – Robin Sharma

My personal favourite qoute from Robin Sharma 
Stay Inspired, Stay Motivated!!

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