Rhea Gupte – Creative Director, Fashion Blogger, Model and Stylist at FUSS

It won’t take a moment for you to fall in love with her diary, done so prudently which almost feels like a dream, or maybe I should call it reality fancier than a dream itself.  
Rhea Gupte is the Creative Director, Fashion Blogger, Model and Stylist at FUSS – Fashion Unzipped | Street Style.

Rhea Gupte – The Girl from FUSS

Rhea popularly known as the Girl from FUSS express her personal fashion style, beauty picks and travel journal making the world beautiful with her concoctions. Rhea’s  individual styling has taken her long way to premium Brands like Tommy Hilfiger, Maybelline New York, Nike, Cleonie, Zhivago, QuirkBox along with a most popular webstores. She has also been featured in print and online publications such as Grazia, Maxim, Cosmopolitan, Femina, The Juice Magazine, The Hindu, Times of India, Vogue Italia online as well as secured a spot on Top 10 Asia Magazine as one of the top bloggers in the continent. (Source : http://fuss.co.in/about/)

 Apart from that she was the Official Blogger for Lakme Fashion Week  in the year 2013 and walked the ramp at Lakme Fashion Week in 2014 for the Koecsh VIK Show, being the only blogger in India to do so.

Each and every creative post about Fashion, Travel (Specially the delight of Goa) and Beauty is a detailed and aesthetic perfection that adds aspiration to every product she collaborates. Making the viewer wish to own them in their personal wardrobes.
Rhea’s sharpened skill of presentation has helped build The Girl from Fuss as the strongest and inevitable medium of inspiration and endorsement for the people, brands, websites and publications.
Every single visual at FUSS feels like a love song, as if a tasteful woman has dressed and decorated herself to touch the right notes of music in her lover’s heart.  The editorial perspective to her blog makes it a story in itself that you wish to keep reading because everytime you flip to the next chapter your breath is taken through.
So stay tuned until Sunday to know the potions put into her beautiful world of FUSS…

Xx journeYoung


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