ManilRohit – Artist Brothers and Hosts at The New Creative India

They find the most unconventional brainchild for all those who like to roam in the galaxy full of deep creativity and imaginations. ManilRohit are a unique set of brothers, artists that are drawn towards art spaces, imaginative minds, music, fashion, films and all the artists behind all kinds of art!
Manil & Rohit are the show hosts and conceptualisers of their latest venture and first of its kind television show, called “The New Creative India”, featuring the best in Art, Design & Fashion in India. It was aired on NDTV Goodtimes in July-Aug, 2014. And currently working on the next season of the show.
The show is conceived and curated by the “Artist Brothers” in each episode they interview some of the best artists and designers all across India and showcased their studios, factories and their unique creative processes. The show aims to create a platform and a showcase window for the abundant creativity existent in India – Tells Manil Rohit . Their show has hosted some most coveted people in the industry – Farah Khan Ali, Abu Jani Sandeep Khosla, Sussane Roshan to count a few.
Talking about Manil Rohit’s iconography and paintings, it has no boundaries. It is colourful, funky, exquisite, cutting edge, innovative & bizarre. 
(Source: Small Screen Films & Television Pvt Ltd). 
The Mighty Eco-friendly Hornification – The Holographic Love Machine is synonymous to their name. The gist of their imagination can be seen on this bizarre fun ride.
So don’t let the creative spark in you get wasted, go light it up just how impeccably Manil and Rohit doing it, the world does need that!
You would not want to miss their story this Sunday!

xx journeYoung


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