ManilRohit – Journey to The New Creative India

journeYoung : Your ultimate motivation
ManilRohit : To be creative. To be a proponent of change & to do things of social relevance.
jY : When was it you felt victorious?
MR : First, when we got our first show with Gallery Nature Morte in 2011.
Secondly, when we got a green signal to shoot our dream project television show this year (2014), which we had thought of almost 6 years ago.
jY : What was the scratch you started with?
MR : Spontaneity has been our consistent basic tool. The time we started our first painting experiments in the studio, we made sure our ground rules were – to express freely, use our collective learning and ideas till date, to happily accept accidents, challenge any kind of conditioning we encounter, never repeat any pattern or formula and have FUN constantly! 
The result was a mad collaborative frenzy. We have stuck with these ideals in all our consequent diverse projects, be it, the art car project or the television show.

jY : Your closest to heart moment/piece of art/ work memory.

MR : We painted our own car (SUV-Scorpio) with our signature artwork. It was created as a Public Art Car project and called, ‘The Holographic Love Machine’. It was a simple and personal experiment, but turned out to be a hugely successful Public Art project. It was covered by all the major dailies of Delhi, Chandigarh and reached even the Gulf. Many magazines and news channels covered the project too. 
It got tremendous social activity on the dedicated Facebook page we created for it, with the same name –
Through chance associations, this very project lead us to the realization of our television show. Hence, it’s doubly special.
jY : When you feel that you are falling, what pulls you up?
MR : It’s human to have low phases. We pull each other up most of the times. Also, having a common creative vision helps keep us on track.
jY : When or How you found your thrust, share an incident may be?
MR : We were pursuing our individual paths before the collaboration happened. Manil, his paintings and sculptures. Rohit, his photography (both commercial and art) and installations. Since we always shared a common studio space, one evening we were creating a fun piece on the studio wall, together, with beer ;). Unexpectedly, it turned out really exciting and strong. It had the perfect combination of fun, skill and a potential of expressing plenty of ideas. We had found a common language. We decided to create more works in the similar vein. Almost a year later, we showed the whole body of works to gallerist Peter Nagy of Gallery Nature Morte. Our experiments bore fruit and he gave us our first collaborative solo show in Dec 2011.
jY : Which city you belong to?
MR : The first half of our life we lived in Lucknow, UP. The second half in Delhi.
jY : What is your next big plan?
MR : We are working on a solo show in 2015. Our Art & Design television show is gearing up for a new twist!!
Plus…there are other new projects (again, the first of their kind on Indian television) in the offing. Look out !Thank you!


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