Zina & Zoya Singh – Twin Fashion Bloggers, Artists and Stylists at Terrible Twos

It’s always good to find new people and meet over Iced Vanilla Latte and Coffee Macchiato! Even better when they get you some cinnamon just to make your coffee taste even better. On the other hand inspiring you to chase what fulfills you no matter what!

Twin bloggers Zoya & Zina Singh from TerribleTwos blog, believes in bringing up the cultural fashion from all around the world. Travelling, Styling and Art directing; are few passions which they share through pictures and writing @ terribletwos.wordpress . Zina & Zoya shot for Vogue Magazine at the age of 18 and went to London to study where everybody commended their style and ability to share and reach out. Zina says – “Me and Zoya wish to reach as many people; share; create and globalize our work. We aspire to put India on the International fashion map, culturally too.”

They are terribly fun, witty and motivating.

At journeYoung I never want to miss out on such creative souls, beautifying their and outside world! After having met them once, I had to make them friends with journeYoung and luckily it happened. So the time and words shared together shall remain somewhere written in this universe of web and keep motivating humans around.

We were lucky to have the perfect background along with the a most humble and coolest host Vaibhav (Owner at Perch) for our shoot at Perch in Khan Market.

Stay tuned to know few more insights this Monday! Stay Motivated!

By the way whats your favorite coffee? 😀

Have a terrible terrible weekend folks!

xx journeYoung



_MG_5102 copy


With Vaibhav – Perch, Khan Market

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