Vidhi Ghodgaonkar – Assistant Director with Rohit Shetty – An Indian Film Director and Cinematographer

She “runs” the floor and sets of one the most loved Bollywood movies. Vidhi Ghodgaonkar in the journey of 7 years, has encrypted herself to fine achievements in the world of cinema.

She works as an Assistant Director with Rohit Shetty – An Indian film director and cinematographer.
Vidhi Ghodgaonkar initially worked as a dubbing artiste in Balaji Telefilms and soon stepped into filming one of the blockbusters like Singham Series, Chennai Express, Golmaal Series and more.
Partaking all the action and hardwork that no one watches on the big screen. But her journey is worth more than that round of applause heard in the cinema halls.
Have not been able to pound much about her professional memorandum (nor did Google helped me), but I make sure I never leave an exceptional like her without answering my curious questions!

To know about her – Interview with Vidhi Ghodgaonkar this Friday!
Cheers. #dreamon


On the sets of CHENNAI EXPRESS
On the sets of Singham Returns



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