Conversation with Vidhi Ghodgaonkar – Assistant Director at Rohit Shetty Films


journeYoung : Your ultimate motivation?

Vidhi : My ultimate motivation is that Friday when people walk into the theater to watch my film and come out with beautiful smiles.  And, mMy 7 years of journey, the undying love of parents and friends and my dream of being able to share my stories with people all over the world keeps me going.

jY : When was it you felt victorious?

Vidhi : My most victorious moment was when I was invited by a club at my hometown where my parents were felicitated for my achievements. Nothing better than the proud smiles I saw on their faces.

jY : What was the scratch you started with?

Vidhi: My first film was titled ‘aasma’ . It released in 2009 and has been my most enriching experience till date!
When various members of my unit came up to me during shoots and said “Baki ka pata nahi par tu director zaroor banegi'” !

jY : Your closest to heart moment/piece of art/ work memory?

Vidhi : The few years I spent working under R. Balki at Lowe were most memorable. Although I didn’t report to him directly, I still learned a lot about communication and writing through his work. He once gave me the best piece of advice, “Don’t EVER underestimate your audience, they’re smarter than we give them credit for.”

jY : When you feel that you are falling, what pulls you up?

Vidhi : My 7 years of journey, the undying love of parents and friends and my dream of being able to share my stories with ppl all over the world keeps me going.

jY : When or How you found your thrust, share an incident may be?

Vidhi : In 11th standard, I would write fictional screenplays behind my physics notebook. Would imagine directing actor, writing scenes and visualizing everything happening around me in the form of a movie. I knew it then. This is where I belonged!

jY : One thing funny about your work or share an experience may be?

Vidhi: Well nothing funny as such but an Experience…during Chennai express since Shah Rukh Khans vanity van was a tad bit away from the set… I would give him a ride on my kinetic every day. We would chat up during that time something or the other. That was real fun.

jY : Any interesting hobby you want to share?

Vidhi : In my spare time I love writing poetry or reading about real people who have great stories to tell

jY : Which city you belong to?

Vidhi : I belong to Indore Madhya Pradesh.

jY : What is the big plan?

Vidhi :  Big plan is to direct my own film within the next 2 years. Working on my script currently.








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