Tanveey Kapur – Managing Director at Havishaa Global, Co-Creator at Joy Spotting and Founder at Energy Workers

Tanveey Kapur, is a dynamic and power packed entrepreneur and the founder of Havishaa Global. Her hardcore commerce background along with a sharp sense of the Luxury Market makes her one of the most credible professional of this industry.

Havishaa Global is a Luxury Fashion & Lifestyle Promotion Firm. Havishaa Global is an initiative to make a brand or company known for its true identity and what makes it unique in the eyes of every potential customer.


Havishaa Global has worked with some of the most pioneer organisations such as Estee Lauder, TAD Arts, Pink Chain Foundation, PUBLICA – India’s Largest Public Art Festival, Rose Couture; Olive Beach,United Breweries Group, Courtyard Marriott, Brindco, Magic Moments, Fratelli Wines, S&S Trunk Show Season 7,8,9 & 10; For Les Petits ~ Baby Dior, Fendi Kids, I Pinco Pallino, Imelde & Stefano Cavalleri, Miss Blumarine, Simonetta, Young Versace, Theophile & Patachou, Ramola Bachchan’s RUNWAY RISING, The Pink Champagne Show, ASTITVA ~ Mujhse Meri Pehchaan  (Registered NGO), Swaccha Dilli Swastha Dilli Campaign, Christian Louboutin, DLF Emporio, Curations, Four Seasons, Everything About Water, Taj Group, Grandioso etc. all hailing from different industrial domains.

Source: Company Profile

Havishaa Global recent Association with Porsche, a Synergy of Creativity and Luxury.

The Big Launch of ENERGY WORKERS in Mumbai in JULY 2016 is envisioned and founded by Tanveey Kapur as her new endeavour.

Energy Workers from different modalities can participate in this Global Consciousness Event. It provides an array of life-changing energy techniques; these techniques also liberate an individual to create a life of their own choice.

Undoubtedly, Tanveey Kapur showcases the face of the vanguard leading ladies of India in the arena of Commerce.

Can’t wait to share our fun shoot (we call it a Creative day) with Tanveey Kapur and her creative team tomorrow on journeYoung. Yay!





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