Life is to Create – Tanveey Kapur x journeYoung

I was all set to meet Tanveey, with my words all worked upon, what to talk and what NOT to talk with the young lady. Yes, we talked about her profession to start with, but as much I was keen to know about her, Tanveey showed equal appreciation and interest about my work and how she liked the Idea of journeYoung.

So here I was, with the right professional with not just a prodigious aura but a sense of amazing charm for creativity, enthusiasm and support to my idea of featuring her for journeYoung.

In the end of a bustling week, there was a light yet a sparkling conversation about how she wanted her ventures in next coming years, and how it will add on to others who are/going to be associated with her new venture Energy Workers. (And she never forgot to discuss my little blog space).

Over Coffee Butter cookies and assorted chocolates, we got accompanied by her Creative fellows – Prachi & Anurag, only to add even better ideas, creativity and fun to all things lined up for Havishaa Global and Energy Workers venture, AND journeYoung.

The vibe of friendliness was outstanding between us, and I overlooked much expected forecast done in my head with a grunt of only professional tête-à-tête with Tanveey.

And at the end, we realised, that Creativity is around us wanting to play and dance our way to achievements while we are searching it in an obsessed professionalism. We found inspiration coming our way.

Stay tuned for our conversation tomorrow!

x journeYoung


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