Kish Raveendran – Creative director, Stylist and Fashion Entrepreneur – KISHSTYLE and KISHWEAR

I found him on Instagram and that’s how I started to fan-girl upon his unique sense of fashion and style. Hence, thought of bringing him to my readers through journeYoung. From his Spring Style to Winter Layering, each of KISH’s look will ooze your curiosity towards experimenting fashion.

He has got the key to nailing serious fashion looks. As a fashion entrepreneur, KISH provides value-based services to corporate and private clients to help them achieve, keep and maintain their best image. From wardrobe consultation and private event consultation, he is dawned everything to inspire men of the world around the globe just like his own panache – The KISHSTYLE 😉

Kish Raveendran of KISHSTYLE and KISHWEAR is a Canadian model, creative director, stylist and fashion entrepreneur.

At Kishwear, every product is personally designed by Kish drawing on his roots in Sri Lanka, Oman, and France. His popular blog, KishStyle showcases Kish’s love for travel, menswear fashion, and Toronto.

Stay tuned to read my conversation with KISH 😀










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