Dr. Ritesh Malik – Startup Accelerator,Technology Enthusiast,Writer,Guerrilla Strategist and a Doctor

“For me, success would mean that without my claiming things, people should experience the change. That would be the correct yardstick.” – Ritesh Malik.

His super energetic and action-packed aura is a great source of zeal in itself.

I being one of those scattershot when it comes to penning down what really inspires me, Ritesh passed on something I can stick to forever and ever when I am short of that spur.

I love how wizardry and motivating (by million times over) this theory is (my favourite part of this post) –

  1. ACTION: Take action irrespective of the fear of failure.
  2. LEARN: Learn from every situation, whatever happens learn every day.
  3. CONFIDENCE: Is the key to success.
  4. HUSTLE: Whatever happens hustle, don’t quit ever.
  5. ENTHUSIASM: Always stay positive & enthusiastic.
  6. MAJESTIC DREAMERS: Think massively large thoughts.
  7. INNOVATE: Whatever you do! Just Innov8, be different.
  8. STRATEGICALLY PLAN: Have goals & plans & structure your every second. Time is not money, time is more important than money.
  9. TINKER: Network with as many people as possible, Its the people who will take you to the top.

So whenever you are in oscillation of thoughts that don’t let you take a step ahead, you can count on the theory of ALCHEMIST – Ritesh Malik’s exclusive secret to success and happiness. 😀

Source: www.innov8.work and straight from my conversation with him at his beautiful coworking campus – Innov8, Connaught Place, New Delhi.


Ritesh’s dream is to build this country as the biggest hub for entrepreneurs and help Inspire people to be successful and happy. I wouldn’t tell you about his education background and his accomplishments, because it’s all over, everywhere on Google. And trust me the deeper you try to read about him, the more you will find how suitably he has achieved the title of a “Serial Entrepreneur” at the age of 26.

His wizardry idea towards success is what you should know before anything else –

My life revolves around my Passion.
Believe. Energy. Love. Life. Happiness. Action. Balance. Health

‘The biggest failure of the education system in India is that our students are taught what to think, not how to think.’
“True education is exploration & self-discovery of individual passion.”

I often ask entrepreneurs – What do you want to build. And nothing frustrates me more when they say a ‘$1 billion company’. The focus should always be about creating value, not valuations.

Source: http://www.bloggersideas.com

In the end, I would just like to say that the highest level of importance you could reach in the world is in your own eyes. And the best way to do that is to stay inspired always and forever! And when you meet spearheaded enthusiasts like Ritesh, you can’t sit calm on your dreams. And that’s what we are looking for, right?

Source: http://www.yourstory.com

Sharing my conversation with Ritesh Malik this week! Stay Tuned.

You do not want to miss on this gorgeous coworking space envisioned – to make India the Silicon Hub of the world, to change the ecosystem & collaborative structures of entrepreneurs in India! (Source: http://www.innov8.work)

I would especially like to thank Ankush Grover, VP Operations at Innov8 for walking me through this wonderland.

Ankush Grover – VP Operations


Source : www.innov8.work
Source : http://www.innov8.work


Newly Opened Innov8 Chandigarh Image source : www.innov8.work
Newly Opened Innov8 Chandigarh
Image source : http://www.innov8.work


Source : www.innov8.work
Source : http://www.innov8.work





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