Conversation with Ritesh Malik – That Serial Entrepreneur!

journeYoung : Your ultimate motivation?
Ritesh: My parents/family.

jY : When was it you felt victorious?
Ritesh: Never until now, have failed more than succeeded.

jY : What was the scratch you started with?
Ritesh: It wasn’t too bad both my parents are doctors, so had enough.
jY : Your closest to heart moment/piece of art/ work memory.
Ritesh: Launch of Innov8 Coworking, people loved what we had built, after so much of diligence & risk taking, we built the best workspace ever in India.
jY : When you feel that you are falling, what pulls you up?
The thought that this is not it, failure is never an option & its all about trying until your last heart beat, & after that also if you lose, then it’s god’s agenda to reward you with something better.
jY : When or How you found your thrust, share an incident may be?
Ritesh: Found the calling of my life while I was in Theni (village from where I did my MBBS), I saw the level of education, infrastructure, health etc. in the villages of India & realised the only way to change the country is to create an impact larger than point to pint focus, using technology to reach out to millions in the country. India is not just Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, true India is in the villages & tier 3 cities.
jY : One thing funny about your work or share an experience may be?
Ritesh: I run technology startups, invest in them but I don’t know how to code or even the basics of how websites are built. The reason, why we’re doing well is the team behind working endlessly to create valuable products.
jY : What is the big plan?
Ritesh: India is the BIG plan, making India a product nation & focusing on building the largest entrepreneurial community out of the national soil to build products like Apple, Facebook, Google from India instead of depending on the silicon valley of the west for innovation & technology.
Ritesh –  “PS, all these answers, are sent to you while I am in United Airlines 838 from Tokyo to San Francisco (around 11 km from the sea level), will land in one & a half hours 😉 ” 
This was unbelievable and I again thank Ritesh for being such a sport!
Innov8 – Coworking Space, New Delhi.
Just do it! At the Innov8 – Coworking Space, New Delhi.
At the Innov8 – Coworking Space, New Delhi.
At the Innov8 – Coworking Space, New Delhi.


Ritesh At Harvard University as a ‪guest lecturer.
Ritesh At Harvard University as a ‪guest lecturer.


Ritesh Malik at Innov8 – Coworking Space, New Delhi.
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