Saksham Karwal, Co-Founder at SeenIt – India’s First Visual Q&A Style Network!

Saksham Karwal is the Co-Founder at – SeenIt, India’s 1st visual Q&A platform that allows anyone to present a dilemma and get it solved by the community. Don’t know where to get an item you love or confused what to wear to the party at night, just post a question to the SeenIt community and get an answer in a few minutes. It’s like having millions of experts at your fingertips giving you advice!

SeenIt is a passionate community of fashion enthusiasts who use their shopping prowess to help each other track down the things they love. This positive community consists of stylists, bloggers and anyone who loves the individual style.


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Seenit is the one ruling the roost for all your fashion dilemmas in the online fashion world where you feel so lost! To me, it was exactly what Google is when I (& All of us) need the best possible answers to my query. With the same domino effect, this space is just as wonderful as it can be! All you have to do is “Drag and Drop” that sartorial quest.

I am so grateful that I could conversate with Saksham Karwal to know more about his venture and how it all started! (You will be as surprised and inspired as I felt)

With a background in Systems Science in Engineering & Economics, Saksham wanted to get into one of the IITs and joined coaching classes after Class 10, but very soon realised that it was not his calling –  (Thank god for that!)

“The realisation was actually much bigger, though – from then on itself I knew whatever I did for the rest of my life, it was crucial that I enjoyed doing it” – Saksham. In the world of fashion and online retail start-ups, we all are whining and pining on online shopping. Whereas, SeenIt shuts down all the tabs and let you explore everything that you loved/wanted but couldn’t find anywhere on earth!

Hailing from University of Pennsylvania, back in 2010, he was the youngest ever Captain of the college cricket team where they were ranked 30 out of the 32 teams competing in the All-American Cricket Championship. “I chalked out a 6-week plan and raised funds to make it possible. We began rigorous training and worked on building a team bond. Our unique training method got covered by press globally” – Saksham.

Saksham was featured in the Fortune magazine (worldwide editions) when he was 15. (Image Below)

seenit3Work Ideology

“Good, better, best. Never let it rest. Until your good is better and your better is best.”  This is what basketball great Tim Duncan has to say. I think this sentence sums up my ideology too. I am a firm believer in the fact that “Success is 99% perspiration and 1%  inspiration.”

Vedanta Kumar & Saksham Karwal – Co-Founders at SeenIt
Team SeenIt

Dabbled with great enthusiasm and love for his work, I am so overawed with his Idea. There are people who are making the fashion experience so much better and sweet, and Saksham is definitely one of those!

And I couldn’t network in a much better way until I had “SeenIt”.

Join in (It’s Free) 😀




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