The Creative Indians Powered by Pearl Academy

If I backtrack a couple of years ago, from mentoring by the teachers in college, to inspiration from the people I feature on journeYoung, everything has been something worth cherishing every time I throwback!

And as they say, the people you meet once, connect “again” in life,in some or the other way, sooner or later.

This happens with me all the time and it’s a wonderful feeling.

If you follow my blog you would know the Creative-Wacky-Wonderful Duo Manil Rohit from The Creative Indians. As sure as I was then, they have come a long way and showcased the best of talents and creative enthusiasts around us!

Creative Indians and Pearl Academy have come together as a perfect amalgamation. Being a Pearl Alumnus, great first-hand industry experiences have been a part and parcel and it feels amazing to know how the learning has revolutionized today.

The Creative Indian show is like a dream come true for the people who aspire to #besomebody .And when its #besomebody state of mind you know where it is coming from – Pearl Academy (you got it right!)

“Pearl Academy is a Powered By Partner with The Creative Indians. As an association, Pearl Academy offers students in various departments where the students get the opportunity to Style the Hosts – Manil & Rohit, research on the guest artist and provide the content. Also, they do social media on behalf of The Creative Indians and Pearl Academy from the shoot locations and later!

All in all the idea of the association is for the students to be a part of this unique television show wherein they experience a shoot, the technicalities involved and interact with the guest artists”

-Manil & Rohit

With this fabulous show, students have been able to interact with the best of industry whizzes like – Shivan & Narresh, Founder at Nappa Dori and alike.

But to follow & #beinspired by Manil & Rohit Seasons, you don’t have to be a “Pearlite”, you just have to be a go-getter who’s always looking for fun ways to get inspired!

You can subscribe The Creative Indians here –

Also, stay tuned to their Season 3 with a brilliant line up!


ABSOLUT Creative Indian Campaign


Behind the Scene – Manil & Rohit



Rahul Mishra for The Creative Indians




Rohit Bal for The Creative Indians


Shivan & Narresh for The Creative Indians
Pritish Nandy for the Creative Indians
Radhika Vaz for The Creative Indians

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