Lavishly Minimal – Sahil Vaidya and Chirag Gander – The Minimalist

Sometimes a single flower says a lot more than a garland and in the world where there is too much noise, The Minimalists powerful “minimal” voice shuts all that in the most simplistic way. And that’s what make them creative in my eyes and it’s a great pleasure to be featuring them on journeYoung.

The Minimalist is started by a group of IIT Bombay graduates to show their creativity, reaching over 10 million people within a short span of time, they have won the Kyoorius Red Elephant, India’s foremost design award.

When asked what The Minimalist is all about-

“The Minimalist has been trying to build a niche audience that loves creative and thought to provoke ideas. In fact, the entire business has been built from a simple Facebook page- we created designs that went viral, people approached us for work and that is how a design firm of 30+ creative minds has blossomed in the last 12 months. Moreover, it is one of the few agencies started by engineers (from IIT Bombay) who had zero backgrounds in the creative/advertising/digital space and zero work/entrepreneurial experience. The freshness, energy, and dynamism have significantly helped us grow in the past

The Minimalist was started by Sahil Vaidya and Chirag Gander when they were studying in IIT Bombay. Auto rides during their summer internships gave them time to discuss various social issues that were plaguing the nation. This, coupled with their love for creativity, design, and humor led to the creation of The Minimalist as a Facebook page to address these issues and ignite a spark of change. Instead of just writing or creating a directionless conversation, they decided to create simple, thought-provoking posters that would not only engage people more but let them think, by identifying the strong underlying message and hence ensure a strong recall.

Everyone wants more. Everyone wants big. In the world of loud, large and long activities, we’re lavishly minimal. And this is never going to be a secret. While we’re a long way from calling ourselves ‘successful’, we think that we’ve been able to come so far by creating a niche- a unique brand of thought provoking designs that seemed like a breath of fresh air in the world of digital communication

We aim to leverage technology to simplify the entire process of design and make good design accessible on a global scale.”









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