Conversation with Sahil Vaidya and Chirag Gander – The Minimalist

journeYoung : Your ultimate motivation

There is a lag in the digital creativity space that We’ve observed. A lack of experimentation that brings down the whole idea of creating designs that would drop jaws. We want to fill that gap. But with minimal effort, of course.

jY : When was it you felt victorious!

To be honest, We haven’t felt victorious yet. And probably never will. Victory is not about reaching your goal but aiming higher once you have achieved it. This is what makes us work harder for the next goal.

jY : What was the scratch you started with?

In a 6” X 8” IIT dorm room with a really massive white board, our creativity saw no stop signs. This, coupled with our love for design and humor led to the creation of The Minimalist as a Facebook page to address social issues and ignite a spark of change.

jY : Your closest to heart moment/piece of art/ work memory

These are the designs that make up The Minimalist. When we see them attracting laughter and raising eyebrows, it makes us proud. We put our hearts in the designs and we are humbled by the appreciation we get (Have attached the designs)

jY : When you feel that you are falling, what pulls you up?

Our team. Our design army has been with us since the beginning. They are here to support us through everything. Their work inspires us every day. Our team is the one thing that motivates us to keep going, no matter what difficulties we face and come up with better ideas, better designs and of course, better results.

jY : When or how you found your thrust, share an incident may be?

We got our first exposure when big names like Buzzfeed, Times of India, The Logical Indian started appreciating our work on their prestigious platforms. This gave us the push to work harder and constantly improve our designs to match the fame.

jY : One thing funny about your work or share an experience may be? Fun fact about your venture?

Wherever we go, there’s one thing that people can’t stop talking about. No, sadly, it’s not our designs. It’s the perpetual loading state of our logo. And for the millionth time, it is purposely done that way! If only, people possessed perspective.

jY : What is the big plan?

The plan is to make minimalism a culture. There are two aspects to our future here, functionally and visually. While we aim to conquer the digital world by keeping a tab on the evolution of technology, the future avenues carry endless possibilities for us as long as we’re willing to learn at every step and experiment.


12107938_408548359348247_8854416030495045560_n 12243444_416078195261930_8553942987161417029_n

12274749_415343252002091_818466916524560375_n 12990994_457087514494331_2561985719522135459_n


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