Fashion Network SeenIt launches “Year in Review 2016” Campaign for Fashion Trends in India

The young startup shares it’s user data in the most fun way we’ve seen!

SeenIt, India’s 1st online fashion community where members help you solve your fashion dilemmas, has launched an innovative online marketing campaign that is doing the rounds all over social media with the hashtag #SeenItAllin2016

The campaign uses funny, witty and some truly heart-warming facts and figures from its user data. For example, a couple of images read:

  • To the 8,657 Delhi girls looking for sleeveless crop tops in December…We’re shivering and you don’t even feel cold?
  • To the 17 year old from Bangalore who searched for “500 sweaters to donate”…You melt our hearts ❤

SeenIt Co-Founder Saksham Karwal told that this idea came about as the team was brainstorming a fun way to do a “Year in Review” campaign that is traditionally done by industry leaders worldwide. “Seeing what Spotify did on a global level, we thought that this would be a fun way to show our target audience how their friends are using SeenIt to find the things they love!”

Here are a couple of images from the campaign that you will love:









In case you would like to check out the complete campaign for yourself do visit the special page:

Link to complete album on Facebook: click here

 About SeenIt 

SeenIt is India’s first online community where members help each other solve their fashion dilemmas. You upload a photo, ask for what you’re looking for and the community hunts it down for you. It’s like having millions of experts at your fingertips giving you instant advice!

Remember the time you were watching a movie or tv show and said to yourself, “That is a great dress! Where can I buy that?” before the movie ends and you forget all about it. Wouldn’t it be amazing if you had experts to hunt it down for you, while you’re still watching? In short, that’s what SeenIt is!

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