Ashu Jain – First ever Indian born Olympic Elite Athlete; Vice Chairman -International Table Tennis Federation

Why go outside when inspiration can be found in the family, isn’t it?

It gives me a great sense of joy to introduce the amazing professional journey of my brother and having the opportunity to feature him in my small space of inspiration – journeYoung.

In my latest read – Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert, I have learned some amazing things about the role of curiosity when your passion has flagged. Curiosity is the truth and way of living – the beginning and the end. Passion may leave you with higher stakes or may lead you nowhere but curiosity and devotion will always lead you to something honorable. And Ashu Jain is one big example to prove you so!

Born Indian and brought up in the USA, Ashu Jain graduated from the University of Michigan with a degree in Mechanical Engineering. He followed his passion for sports and became the first ever Indian born “Olympic Elite Athlete” meaning having represented the USA in its highest category of competition in any given year.

This journeYoung feature is not just an inspiration about being a sportsperson but continued inquisitiveness towards your passion when circumstances make inaccessible turns.

He got a major ankle injury which stopped his career as a Table Tennis player.

However, Ashu’s sportsmanship still persists with his big contribution entailing to improvement and facilitating several international players and competitions of the sport. Ashu became one of the 11 Board members at USATT – The National Governing body for the sport of table tennis in the United States. “My position continued to serve from the old to the new Board, with additional responsibilities as chairman of several USATT Committees.”- Ashu Jain
He has also been a Chairman of the Anti-Doping subdivision and lead the nomination process for athletes to US Anti-Doping Agency’s Board. During these years, he served as the Vice Chairperson- Leadership at The Athletes’ Advisory council that involved in all key aspects with regards to current and future Olympic Athletes as well as the governance of the greater US Olympic Committee. The AAC is proactive think-tank to athlete related issues.

After 7 years of contribution in the advisory council, he is now one of the 11 Members from the world that are elected by Executive Committee and International Athletes to serve on this committee. The Athletes’ Commission serves many roles, including promoting and protecting the athletes’ rights, ensuring fair guidelines and processes, nominating members to other ITTF committees, advising to the AGM, Board, and Executive committee, selecting ambassadors, and much more.

The Vice-Chair role was ratified in 2015, and subsequently, Ashu was elected to this position.

(Source: Ashu Jain Linkedin Profile)

We all lose battles now and then, but the one who turns his battles into opportunities is the one who we see as the best example of inspiration.

Stay Tuned for journeYoung exclusive Conversation with Ashu Jain!








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